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How To Use Our System
After you sign up, you will be given a user name and password to log onto our site and view our stock picks.

You will see the picks made that evening for the next trading day. So, the picks you see Tuesday evening will be the stocks you buy Wednesday morning. You will see the buy price, the sell price and the stop loss price.

You now need to place an order with your broker. We suggest using TDAmeritrade.com. They are great to use and every trade is free. You can trade one stock at a time if you want and never pay a transaction fee. You usually have to pay broker fees, which will cut into your profits and makes it hard for trading a small amount of stock. With TDAmeritrade.com, you can use market orders, limit orders and any other kind of order just as you can with the big brokerage firms. You can use their mobile App or website to trade your stocks.

We suggest owning a number of various stocks. This will keep you diversified so you don't have all your eggs in one basket. Let's say you have $1,000 to trade with. You would buy $100 worth of stocks on 10 different companies. If we suggest a stock trading at $25, you would purchase 4 shares of that stock and would have $100 invested in that stock. Now you need to buy 9 more stocks, investing $100 in each stock. If you have $500 to invest, buy $100 of 5 different stocks.

Below is an example:

Stock Price Shares Total Invested
AAA $25 4 $100
BBB $3.50 28 $98
CCC $45.36 2 $90.72
DDD $1.20 83 $99.60
EEE $9 11 $99
FFF 4.20 24 $100.80
GGG $.67 149 $99.83
HHH $23.79 4 $95.16
III $2.40 42 $100.80
JJJ $.90 111 $99.90
Once you have purchased the stocks, you want to immediately place a limit sell on the stock at our target sell price. Once this is done, you just sit back and wait for the stock to hit the target price and have the sell automatically executed.

Your stocks will go up and down. This is normal. It may take a month or two to hit that target. If they drop to the stop loss price, cancel your order and sell them. When your order does get executed, replace that stock with a new one. You will find yourself trading stocks multiple times per week, both buying and selling. As your account rises, you will be able to buy more stocks. You will start out with 10 different companies and that number will grow to 20 companies and beyond, unless you take your profits out, which also works.

Below is a screenshot of one of our customer's APP on their mobile phone. They started an account with $1,000 and in three months it has grown to $1,559.82 which is a 60% gain in only 3 months!

Mobile App
As you can see, our system works. While not all of our stock picks are winners, but most of them are and that's what counts. The winners outweigh the losers and this will make your account grow and make you more profitable than ever.

Thank you for your business!

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